-Meet at a mini golf course to have enjoy some simple fare and some slushies.
-Meet at a bowling alley for a friendly game of cosmic bowling.
-Meet at an arcade for some old school, nostalgic fun.
-Meet at a comedy club if you are both into comedy and have a favorite comedian coming to a town near one of you.
-If you live near an amusement park, you could meet up to go on rides, play games, and participate in some friendly (and flirty) competition.

The above are simply some ideas of activities that could help to break the ice and get you both comfortable being around each other physically. Many times, the best and free single military men have time to date and simply having fun together can help foster a deeper romance and so you should plan to just have a good time without there being too much expectation for anything further right away. If you are meant to be together, your relationship will progress naturally after the first few meetings. At this point, it is not much different from having met in any traditional sense, as you would begin the dating phase after a certain amount of time of getting to know one another.

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